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March 19, 2015

A driver and social media

The other day, a lorry emblazoned with the name of my favourite make of yoghurt nearly ran me off the road at 70mph.

I don’t know how you would feel, but I have boycotted that yoghurt brand since.

For me, that van driver’s behaviour – and his driving was utterly reckless – mirrors the values of that brand, and reflects negatively on the company. Seeing his behaviour, it made me think: what else? Do they employ salesmen who try to scam consumers with pricing techniques? Does their production manager do everything possible to lower production costs, without stopping to think about the impact on consumers?

My one-man boycott probably won’t impact sales much. But in the years to come, with generations of consumers highly competent in social media, a driver’s action might kill a brand overnight.

Your company is as good as its people. And you will only be successful if they interact with each person on the street as if he/she is your current or potential client.

You have to explain the values of your company correctly, even to your driver(s).

Song of the week: Norah Jones – What Am I To You? (2004)

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