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May 17, 2018

Artists need to be entrepreneurs… says an entrepreneur

The other day I was meeting with several independent artists (creative people not working at a company to produce art for a salary) due to a new fine arts project I’m trying to bring to life. We were talking about an exhibition when I deliberately made the “mistake” again: I described their creations as “products”. And they immediately labeled me as a “capitalist”. ☺ The fact that I also was taking part at the exhibition with my music compositions, hence being an “artist” myself, did not change that perception.

That type of labeling in not new to me. I get it as soon as I say: in each artist I see an entrepreneur, who creates unique “products”. The logic behind my words is quite simple:

Entrepreneurs take risks.
Artists too… If they want to live on what they are producing, they have to be the biggest risk takers.
Entrepreneurs have to be innovative.
Artists too… They have to find ways to differentiate themselves from others even more than “typical” entrepreneurs.
Entrepreneurs must be delivering a “value” to their clients.
Artists too (Assuming they are not “producing” for themselves only)… Their works have to be appreciated and bought.
Entrepreneurs must be literate in communication and marketing.
Artists too… They have to know their target audience and how to reach that audience.
Entrepreneurs have to know mathematics.
Artists too… Not only for describing the world but to calculate the money they are making. ☺

I could continue with the list. Label me with anything you want but if as an independent artist you want to steer your boat safely in independent waters, you better be an entrepreneur.

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