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February 5, 2015

Buying a house for the piano

Ever heard of a man who bought a new house just for his piano? Probably not. If I had, I wouldn’t have believed it anyway. And I might have joked about it. But I cannot do so now… since the joke would be on me. ☺

It’s true. In one of my crazy moments I bought a grand piano, something for which I had been yearning for years. Wouldn’t it fit in my house? It would. However, without really being aware of the reason, I bought a small house in another part of the city and put the piano there, in pride of place. First, I thought that this was an unconscious act. Then, my subconscious self explained the situation to my conscious mind. ☺

My decision to buy the house was in fact waiting for the right time for me to be ready to open the door to another world. Now, we are getting together with different people in that new house to make music. Our first important visitor was a Spanish pianist. The place serves also as a “guest house” for our friends from all over the world visiting Istanbul.

For some decisions there are “right” times. It may be that you are taking steps to reach an outcome which you will enjoy at a later date. It’s the same when it comes to establishing your own business. You might not know exactly why you want to start out on your own. But don’t worry, your subconscious self will explain it to your conscious mind at an appropriate time.☺

The song of the week: Michael Jackson – Michael Jackson – This Is It (2009)

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