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Swan Lake Ballet (Source:
October 30, 2014

Every business needs a Tchaikovsky!

I never got along that well with ballet. Though I can see how technically brilliant it is: the harmony between the dancers and the smooth flow of the movements can be overwhelming. This can happen thanks to the music played in the background. That music keeps everyone together.

Unfortunately, in the business world we don’t work in systems built on musical backgrounds. Each company tries to have its own “dance” on platforms − various systems established by managers, utilising their know-how and experience. It is not possible to say that they are always brilliantly well performed as in ballet shows. In time some of them show better performances as a result of the experience gained thru repetition while others get detached from their clients due to the monotony that time brings about.

Sometimes we don’t notice: who knows how many technical mistakes occur even in a ballet performance which we casual observers find astounding? I can guess how hard the dancers and the directors work in a ballet to minimise such faults. The biggest factor that motivates them is the music which creates the magnificent infrastructure of the background.

Those who “dance” on the platforms established in companies will also work hard to show us magnificent performances if we have supplied them with an infrastructure in which they can develop themselves. It is up to the business owner to choose the “right music” for the background.

To view an unorthodox Dance of the Little Swans from Tchaikovsky’s famous Swan Lake Ballet: Takane Dance World

Song of the week: Roxette – Joyride (1991)

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