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July 31, 2019

Giving a discount without giving one

“I must get this project even if I have to give a discount!” my management consultant friend said. She had sold her retail business and started recently to assist other business owners. She wanted to have me as her mentor. Taking our ages into account we’d agreed on the term “exchanging experiences”.☺

“In contrast to retail business, giving discounts in project business is risky,” I said. “But if you feel you have to, you might buy something from your potential client.” She was confused.

“For example, they can be told that the price cannot be changed but their name as a reference can be bought even before the project starts.” I explained. “Hence they will pay a discounted sum but
a) the prices have not been touched, next time you’ll have the same pricing level,
b) the negotiation will be about the value of what they are selling to you.”

Sometimes changing sides from being a seller to a buyer can solve “unsolvable” problems. ☺

Song of the blog: Backstreet Boys – I Want It That Way

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