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September 8, 2016

The piano player

I’m excited. We will be entering the studio soon, to record my last compositions. My arranger Cenk asked: “How about the piano?” He means: “Will you play the piano?” He knows. I am a terrible piano “player”. ☺

The last time I said “Yes” to that question I had to work with the great pianist Anjelika Akbar as my consultant for 6 months. I still remember how I sweat during those sessions.

Reality is that having composed a song doesn’t imply that I am the best guy to play it.

As being the founder of an idea doesn’t make you the best person to execute that idea.

As an entrepreneur you might be supplying the spark to start the most successful business for the future. But if you lack experience in building businesses, the best solution could be to leave it in the hands of someone who can manage and grow it.

My answer to Cenk’s question? I don’t know yet. Maybe I could work for one of them to improve myself enough to get Cenk’s approval. A professional piano player will play the others. ☺

The song of the week: Billy Joel – Piano Man

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