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October 16, 2014

Who reads these magazines?

A few days ago I went to a bookstore and did something I had wanted to do for a long time. I bought all of the business magazines in the store.

First observation: The number of business magazines has increased quite a lot recently, and I’d never heard of many of them before.
First question: What is the average life span of a business magazine?

Once I got home, I eagerly started to go through them. I was a little disappointed: only a few of them included subjects I could follow, and in a language I could understand.

Second observation: They don’t use the pictures of people of my age anymore. ☺
Second question: Who reads these magazines?

The backbone of the key economies of the world is formed by SMEs. Due to my work, each year I meet and talk with hundreds of owners, managers and employees of SMEs. I think I know these people pretty well; what interests them and what they need to know.

Third observation: Most of these magazines are not written for people working in SMEs.
Third question (same as the first one): What is the average life span of a business magazine?

There are many thousands of different types of business out there. And many thousands of opportunities for those looking to start up a new business. Most entrepreneurs know their business well, and love it to the point of being in love with it. However, the first question you should be asking before starting up a company is: what is its expected lifespan?

I’m not a fortune teller, but I don’t think some of those publications will last too long.

Song of the week: Bruce Springsteen – Streets Of Philadelphia (1993)

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