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July 23, 2015

Who said it was the last?

The first ones were professional… I created a new product and a generic trademark, still well known today.

The second set of years saw entrepreneurship at its finest… I had five companies operating simultaneously across different sectors.

The third set of years were years of generosity… I learned how to deliver consultancy with finesse.

The fourth set were years of proficiency… A period in which all that has been accumulated in the past years is put into action.

And I said, “This is my last business.” I shouldn’t have said it. ☺

A new period has started. I don’t know yet what to call this one. Maybe you help me with that. ☺ You can find all the details you need at .

In short, I continue as an entrepreneur…

Thinking of becoming an entrepreneur? Think again… You might never stop being one! ☺

Song of the week: Icona Pop – I Love It (2012)

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