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Order by big boss

“You need a change!”

“You are writing about company marriages for 4 years! This is too limiting!”
“All my writings can be utilized also in other areas of life.”

“But you always talk about benefits. You can be more helpful!”

“Well, you have established a lot of businesses; you have thousands of stories to tell. For example, you have started the business on U-PVC window frames in Turkey for the first time under the brand name Pimapen which became a generic for all plastic windows. Also, you are the first one to apply distribution by motorcycles in Turkey. Way back in 1980’s you made exports of bathroom accessories under your own brand. Moreover, you analyze in detail hundreds of SMEs each year as part of your job.”
“So what?”

“There are many people who are thinking of establishing a business and can benefit from your experiences.”
“What do you want me to do?”

“Maybe you should also write about entrepreneurship issues.“
“OK, how? ‘I am finished with this subject, and now I am going on to another one’ is not something I can tell my readers.”

“You don’t need to! Write reflections biweekly. On the Thursdays when you do not post reflections, post your writings on entrepreneurship.”
“I have to think on this.”


“What will be the title of your posts on entrepreneurship?”
Independent Waters… How’s that?”

“Why such a title?”
“Because entrepreneurship is in essence about independence.”

“Like dangerous waters. I like it. It is fitting.”
“My subtitle is The Real Nature of Entrepreneurship

“So, you will be telling about yourself.”

“When do you start?”
“I confirmed the page designs yesterday. I will be posting the first one on September 5th.”

“If I want to, will I be able to read only reflections or Independent Waters?”
“Yes. Even if you exit from one blog, you can read the other. If you choose ‘unsubscribe’ in one of them, your membership in the other one will continue.”

“Well done, Dad.”
“Thanks, Boss.”

Connecting the dots



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