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April 3, 2014

A disc slipping into my life

Looking at the MR view on the screen the doctor was informing me about my condition, “Your slipped disc is most probably hereditary and reached its current stage through the years.“

Hereditary and it took years… My disc slipped slowly and I was not aware of it. In reality, some of my medical reports showed this condition but I didn’t understand it because it was not stated in a language which was understandable by me. The slipping of my disc has also been observed and stated on the medical reports following my various health based complaints but then the doctors focused themselves on the paragraphs of these reports pertaining to my special complaint. None of them thought to tell me, “Your medical report shows a condition which you may not be currently complaining about but which will create problems for you in the future.” And thus my disc continued to slip.

The disc of your newly established company can also slip in time. Problems, which you did not identify as you started the business, may come up at a later date. However, you might not notice them due to inexperience. Even if you did, you might be not evaluating them correctly.

It is hard to ask questions on issues that you are not familiar with. It is also hard to learn with the applicable technology of today all of the possible health problems that you will have. I think that the action to be taken has to involve the method of approach to problems: When you encounter a problem in your body or in your business, you should evaluate the results of the analysis on that issue in a wider angle. Look at each word separately thru a magnifying glass which you receive verbally or in written form as a result of a complaint… so that someone does not tell you some day, “This situation reached its current stage through the years.”

If you ask about my slipped disc… I think we have learned how to live together… ☺

The oldie of the week: Evanescence – My Immortal (2004)

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