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July 24, 2014

The value of the unexpected

Let’s say that you like arias, and watched the performances of five different sopranos over the course of a year. You hadn’t listened to any one of them before. Taken separately, each soprano was very good. However, one of them, Sirkka Lampimäki, did something so unexpected, it made her impossible to forget. Even though what she did bears no relation whatsoever to how well the aria was sung…

If you have competitors – and it’s highly likely you are not the only one in your line of business – then you need to be memorable. Sometimes, something you do – perhaps not even related to your products or services – can differentiate you. It can help your customers to remember you.

As an example, I can cite a businessman who has a company which produces TV programmes. His differentiator is the music he makes, and this helps him to have an advantage over his competitors. I also know an industrialist who shares his hself-cooked meals with his clients. He stands out, too.

As a company owner, you’ll know it is not easy to be memorable. But if you know your capabilities well, achieving ‘unforgettable’ status need not be very hard, either.

If you would like to see how Sirkka Lampimäki created her differentiation, please click here.

Song of the week: One Republic – Secret (2009)

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